The West’s are a professional, honest, genuine, no-hassle kind of people who one has the good fortune to come across far too little in these times.
— Paloma Gamo and Steve Winegar

Building enchanting getawayS

without the need to get away

Drawing inspiration from the colors and textures of the farm fields, natural stone, and forests of Montana, we create custom homes grounded in the American west. By combining elements like salvaged wood beams, reclaimed birch cabinetry, and river rock inlays with state-of-the-art appliances and top-notch design, we are dedicated to building one-of-a-kind structures that echo and compliment the wild natural beauty of the surrounding areas.

We have extensive experience with projects of every shape and size, from starter to multi-million dollar homes, ranch expansions, sub-ground shelters, earth homes, storage shops, horse arenas, restaurants and renovations. No matter your budget, through working with you along each step of the design and building process, we will forge your quintessential retreat - a house that is more than just a home. A warm and beautiful Montana getaway, without the need to get away.