We are extremely satisfied with Chris’ work and how well the construction went. The quality of his work, his ability to listen to our concerns and ideas, and his care and management of the project are indicative of a contractor of superior quality.
— Doris and Terry Guidi


I’ve built numerous houses in numerous areas of the US and Canada over the past 40 years. I have lots of experience with builders both good and bad. Chris West and his crew are absolutely the best builders I have ever worked with - ever. The first house Chris built for me was at Elk Highlands up on the ski hill in Whitefish, MT. It was 10,000 square feet of the most beautiful Montana Rustic design. Chris came in on time and under budget.

Since that time Chris has worked on and off for me for the past 10 years. He has built two 7,000sq ft masterpiece homes, one for me and one for my son. He has built five 1600ft cabins with full finished basements. Two large equipment shops at our ranch in Wyoming. He also built a huge, almost 40,000sq ft riding arena with 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, kitchen and living room, 10 horse stalls, a bathing station and more. Chris has built gazebos, cook house, loafing sheds, cattle barn, and several other barns at our Highlands Ranch.

I have never had a problem with Chris and his crew. I trust him completely and he will the be the first one I call for my next building project. He’s dependable, efficient, and affordable. To be able to say that after ten years is a testament to how good he really is at what he does.


My name is Steven K Winegar and my wife Paloma and I are the owners of a home [in] Whitefish, MT. My wife and I live most of the year in Madrid, Spain with visits to Whitefish in the summer and Christmas period. The original home of 10,000 square feet was constructed by Westward Bound in 2009, we purchased it in 2013 and continue to own it.

Prior to making the purchase we met with the builder, Chris West, to ask questions about its construction as well as the possibility to make certain modifications. After the purchase we contracted Chris to build a 2,000 square foot addition as well as certain interior alterations. He had come highly recommended to us by persons of confidence. We agreed to an architectural design saying we wanted the same quality regarding material specifications as the main house, agreed to a budget and time-line and stayed in contact from afar.

Chris and Westward complied with everything agreed to including budget and dates. We have built a number of large homes over the years and this was undoubtedly the best experience we have ever had in one of these projects. Our experience with contractors has been a mixed bag and a lot of haggling but with Chris it was a pleasure to deal with, did not need intervention on our part and exceeded our expectations. It really was a smooth process.

We enjoy an additional perspective however as the main house now has nine years since construction. We have seen how it has aged and can attest to the quality of workmanship for all the things that one cannot readily see eg electrical, plumbing, needed maintenance as well as some additional modifications as we became more familiar with the property.

In closing, we have also considered to build a custom home to our specifications in Whitefish and would not consider doing it if Chris did not agree to be the contractor. Working with the West's has been a pleasure for my wife and I and we look forward to working with them regarding the current property or for any new project in the Valley. They are a professional, honest, genuine, no-hassle kind of people who one has the good fortune to come across far too little in these times.


It is our pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Chris and Marcie West of Westward Bound Construction. We purchased our home from Westward Bound in 2004. We fell in love with it the moment we walked in the door and we feel that same excitement every time we come ho9me, even 13 years later. We have never felt so comfortable and at home as we do in our Westward Bound home.

Chris constructed our home with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. We have never experienced any problems with our home in the time we have lived here. The only maintenance we have had to perform is preventative or routine maintenance. Chris has always been very helpful and accessible to answer any questions that have come up through the years. He has even helped us with small home improvement projects we have undertaken. We plan to stay in our home for many years but we would not hesitate to purchase another Westward Bound home should we ever downsize. We have complete confidence in Chris and Marcie and we extend our highest recommendation of Westward Bound Construction.


It is a pleasure to write a letter of reference on behalf of Chris West and Westward Bound Construction.

We first met Chris back in 1999 when he built us a 2000 square foot home in Kalispell, MT. In 2008 we decided to have another house built in Kalispell. This time the house was just about 5300 square feet in size. We didn’t hesitiate to call Chris again for the project. In fact, we didn’t even call anyone else. We loved the first house Chris built for us and we love the current home even more!

The workmanship and quality of both homes still impress us today. We gave Chris a lot of latitude on both houses and his imagination as to finishes has never disappointed us. He is a very creative and very hand on builder. He always had a good idea for us when we were unsure what to do. Chris was on our work sites every time we came by during the construction process. He does most of the work himself and what he doesn’t do himself he oversees very well. Chris has a very good relationship with his subcontractors and those that he uses have never disappointed us either. Chris has always stood behind his work too. We have never had any serious issues with either homes but Chris has been there for us whenever we have question or concerns about our homes and has always been willing to help-even with it’s not his problem.

We have also seen several of the homes that have been built by Westward Bound Construction over the years and we are always very impressed with his work. We wholeheartedly recommend Chris West and Westward Bound Construction for any construction project.


Chris was the general contractor for our home build in 2006/2007 and we are currently working with him to build our next home.

We had toured several of Chris’ homes on the Parade of Homes and liked the style and detail. When we initially met with Chris, we described the features we were hoping to have and Chris found a home plan he had built previously. With very minor changes, we were able to build the home of our dreams. Our very minor punch list after moving in was quickly resolved. We lived in the home for six years and in the midst of the recession were able to sell the home for more than we had paid, allowing us to pursue our next dream!

When we began discussing the prospect of building our next home, we never considered using another builder. Chris’ attention to detail is second to none. He managed his crews and the project from start to finish, putting in longer hours on the job than anyone else.

At each step along the way, Chris listened to our concerns and offered advice that saved both time and money, while achieving the desired outcome. Throughout the project Chris would tell us what decisions were coming up in the next c couple of weeks, what he would need to know when, and answer any questions we had to help make our decisions.

His experience building homes in the Flathead Valley is a valuable resource, one he is willing to share readily with his clients. We purchased another home in 2013, we had a few issues and called Chris, he gave us advice and recommended subcontractors/vendors we could contact to resolve those issues.

In closing, we were very pleased with the final product in 2007 and look forward to working on our current project. I would not hesitate to hire Chris again or to recommend him to my friends and neighbors.


Chris - Just a simple thank you for all the work and planning you did to get our house done. I know you did many extra things and spent extra time. These efforts are greatly appreciated. In fact, Chris, if for some reason you would not have been in this valley, I doubt that I would have planned this home. I admire your talents and work ethic. Thanks again for the many extras, tools, advice, planning, etc.


Dear Chris & Marcie,
On behalf of myself and my wife, we wish to extend our sincere praise for the joy your creation has brought to our lives.  Unlike some, we never actually had an actual picture of a dream house in mind, until we saw it in the making, and then of course, your dream became ours.  As we watched [our home] take on the very essence of a Montana dwelling, we tried our very best to use our input to add to its character, but quickly realized we were totally out of our element on this project, and that there was absolutely no way to improve on perfection.  The attention to detail and quality surpassed all of our expectations, and the uniqueness of this home will always be a credit to both you and your wife's reputation as builders.  The fact that you extended to us much of the contributing concessions to the actual price of this wonderful house was as much a part of our decision to buy it as was the actual house itself.  Your follow up after we moved in as to the few minor adjustments that were needed, was also a credit to your reputation as honest people with an integrity that can be relied on.  And because of that, my wife and I wish to extend an open invitation to show this house at any time should you both wish to do so.  And please, rely on us to extend a hardy recommendation as to both your qualifications and reputations in your chosen profession as quality builders.


Westward Bound Construction has recently built a 2,214 square foot home for us [in] Kalispell.  During the past 27 years, I have had four office buildings, a home, a 14,000 square foot grocery store and 5,500 square foot hardware store built by other contractors.  Yet I have never had more conscientious and competent builders than Chris and his dad, Jack – Westward Bound Construction.  Their quality of work, willingness to work with the homeowners, attention to detail, awareness of contemporary design and materials, and staying on schedule make them second to none!  They diligently comply with building codes and covenants and follow-up with the homeowners long after project completion.  I speak the same for their sub-contractors.  They do up-scale, quality work in a very timely fashion.  Job location is kept clean and organized.  Building a home or any project, you will find it very hard, if at all, to have better builders!  I highly recommend Westward Bound Construction for your building needs.  Experience speaks for itself.  Chris has been in construction for fifty years.


Chris recently completed building our new home.  We are extremely satisfied with Chris' work and how well the construction went.  The quality of his work, his ability to listen to our concerns and ideas and his care and management of the project are indicative of a contractor of superior quality.  Whenever we visited with the subcontractors or material suppliers, we found that they had nothing but praise for his work, his honesty and his integrity.  In speaking with some of Chris's previous clients, we encountered only praise and satisfaction with his work. We have recommended Chris to a number of friends who are thinking of building.  If we were to ever build again, Chris would be the contractor to do the job.